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Tabbatha Higginbotham

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I am so excited for this next year! School starts August 14, 2019, so please see Educational Websites for important links.


Students will need the following required supplies:

Composition book (any color or design on the cover)

Pencils and pens (blue or black ink, please!)

Highlighters (at least 2 colors)

Folder with brads and pockets (any color or design)


Map colors or markers (student choice)

The following supplies are optional:

Hand held pencil sharpener

2 boxes of Kleenex

Clorox Wipes


PLEASE NOTE: Students will be using many of these supplies (such as the map colors and highlighters) in multiple classes. The only items that will be left in my room are the composition books, Kleenex, and disinfectant wipes. A pencil pouch is highly recommended to help students easily find writing utensils, map colors, highlighters, etc in their backpacks.




Tabbatha Higginbotham

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