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WISD Board of Trustees Information

The Board of Trustees is elected by the citizens to be legally responsible for the education of the children in the district. Trustees make all major decisions regarding school policy, curriculum, expenditures, and expansion. It is the Board's responsibility to provide tax monies for maintenance and operation of the schools and to submit bond issues to be voted on by the people of the district for construction of school facilities.

  • The Board also elects the superintendent as its chief executive officer. 

  • The Board has complete and final control over local school matters, subject to limitations imposed by law and regulations established by the state Commissioner of Education.

  • The School Board acts officially only as a group. No one acts in the name of the Board except when authorized by Trustees to do so.

The seven Board Members are elected the first Saturday in May each year for staggered three-year terms and serve without compensation. Board members must be qualified voters of the state of Texas, residents of the district six months, and of the state one year. Board officers (president, vice president, and secretary) are elected annually by a vote of the Trustees. The selection is made at the first meeting after the election. Trustees receive agendas and related materials before the meetings. Included are staff reports, background data, financial aids, and other relevant materials. Trustees may contact the superintendent for clarification of a particular item or to request information and background reports prior to the meetings.