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Top 10 Award

Announcement for FFA Members or Parents of FFA Members!!!!

Last year, Waskom FFA started the tradition of giving a belt buckle to the Top 10 FFA Members in the chapter. Since we are not in school right now, scores will be submitted through email. 

A list of ways to earn points will be attached below. All FFA members are eligible to compete for “Top 10” awards. Awards will be announced at the annual Waskom FFA Banquet, winners must be present to receive their award. Official point totals will be kept by students, to be reviewed by teachers and/or WISD Administration. Parents or students may not review rankings. There will be only 10 awards (3 – greenhand; 7 all members) presented each year.

Submit scores through email. These may be placed in a google doc or through email. THESE CANNOT BE HANDWRITTEN, AND MUST BE EMAILED!!!! IF THESE RULES ARE NOT FOLLOWED YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED-NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please use the format below to complete your list:

  • Full Name

  • Grade

  • Specific Events- Points earned

    • Example: Weatherford CDE- 1 pt

  • Total of all points 


Email with point total must be submitted by April 15th to!!!


Point Qualifications-

  • FFA Member(paid dues,sold fundraisers)- 5 pts

  • Enrolled in ag class- 1 pt

    • Do not count multiple ag classes- only 1 pt possible

  • Officer Candidate(chapter,district,area)- 1 pt

    • This excludes 7th & 8th grade students

  • Assisting or Participating at FFA Events- 1 pt each

    • Excludes GH Camp or Summer 

    • Minimum 3 hrs or Start to Finish

  • Invitational LDE, CDE- 1 pt each

    • Be specific for each contest

    • If you were on multiple LDE teams, you will receive a point for each team you participated on

  • District, Area, State LDE, CDE- 1 pt/ team

  • Community Service Activities- 1 pt each

  • SAE- 1 pt/ project

    • Maximum 2 pts./ semester

  • Fundraisers- 1 pt per 10 items sold

    • After dues are paid(15 items), each 10 items sold will be counted for points

  • Greenhand Orientation- 1 pt

    • Must be discovery or greenhand member

  • Project show- 1 pt each

    • Maximum 3 per semester

  • Record Book- 2 pts/semester 

    • Deadlines Jan 1, April 1

    • Bonus pts if both were complete (5 pts total)