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Jean Kellough


We are in the 5th week of the 6 weeks.  What have we been doing?

In Spanish 2 we learned about pets using our target vocabulary “tiene miedo”, “hacia”, and “mira”.  we used that vocabulary to re-write our original story on  I encourage you to look at your student’s work:  it’s fabulous!

In Spanish 3 we learned about Spanish superstitions.  Our target vocabulary:  “le parece”  “extraño” “le da”.  We re-wrote our original story of “El Hombre Despeciable” on  and recorded audio of the beginning, middle, and conclusion of our story in Spanish.

AP Spanish 4 completed their first unit of study “Familias y Comunidades” by creating their own “Twitter” page and #YO poster.  They took their first practice AP Multiple Choice Test and everyone passed!  

Jean Kellough

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